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After returning home from a trans-Sahara in an old Citroen 2CV, I decided to realise my childhood dream and become a photographer. I worked very hard to find my own way in the world of photography and since 2016 I found it in wedding photography. My style?¬†Documentary styled wedding photography! I’m no Steven Spielberg who will direct people all day where to stand; I let the day roll by and see what happens. The flower girl getting bored during the ceremony, an emotional hug from the grandmother, the single ladies getting rowdy trying to catch the bouquet, the happy eye-contact between the couple, getting wild on the dance floor,… are the moments which will last a lifetime; not what food you ate or how perfectly in line you stood at church. My job to find these moments and make a realistic story. To develop my skills as a story teller; I frequently follow workshops from the best wedding photographers out there (Foundation Workshop USA – BIG workshop ITALY – Mind the moment BELGIUM). So if you want me to travel to your country or you are getting married in our lovely Belgium, let’s get in touch by filling in this contact form.

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